Grow Your Own Range of Fridge Magnets by Martin Wiscombe


Hurrah! Summer is here and the keen gardeners among us can now start planting for our summer bedding.  At Honeymellow, although we are a farm-based business, we are not so good at keeping track of how we should care for everything in our garden.  These garden-themed fridge magnets are literally a plant-saver.  All our seed instructions can now be easily displayed on the fridge for easy reference and in flowering order. 

They are beautifully designed by Martin Wiscombe in London as part of his 'Grow Your Own' range with its retro faded edges around scenes from the garden.  A great gift for the green-fingered gardener or just bring a little of the outside in to brighten-up and add some glamour to your kitchen. 

Care: Wipe clean

Dimensions 18 x 18cm/ 7" x 7" packet containing 8 magnets.


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