How the Vital Signs Can Make You Younger May 13 2015

Are you stressed out before 8 o'clock in the morning?  Research shows one in four of us are tense before the day has hardly begun.  Often it is not the big things that stress us but a momentum of minor irritations.  This is bad for us.  Plenty of exercise, eating healthy food and removing those low stress annoyances have proven to slow the ageing process..  

At Honeymellow, we have a solution to remove some of life's little irritations to make things run more smoothly.  Our Vital Signs range is designed to target activities that happen repeatedly leading to the gradual build-up of low level stress: a door left open; muddy shoes on a clean carpet; junk mail to sort and shred daily; missed visitors who knock but don't ring the louder bell... and so on.  

Due to popular demand, we have expanded our range so that you have a choice of different sign styles, colours and shapes.  We have brushed silver, brushed gold  and white signs which are perfect for the home or office, as well as coloured floral designs to add some spring to your shoeless step!  Relax and look at our new range at own own website: and on Etsy: 

Browse, buy and breath... It might even take years off you!