Moving? Stressed? Let Us Help! September 08 2016

Dear Prime Minister Mrs May

Leaving both the EU AND the Houses of Parliament at the same time? Crikey! What could be more stressful (albeit that leaving Parliament is only for six years whilst essential repairs are done - hopefully the lack of builders, plumbers, electricians etc Brexit might have stopped coming from EU has been factored in to this time span. This is far from a Brexit exit breeze.  

Moving house is bad enough but leaving a continent’s political union and the UK’s most iconic building, the centre of government, simultaneously- ouch!  

Don’t worry we are here to help.  Place an order and within 24 hours we will have made new signs for offices, directions around the building and plaques for your many loos, bars and restaurants as well as for any other essential information you need to have displayed.  This will help to stop the move from being too  traumatic (the Parliament one that is - alas Brexit will take longer than a day and a little more negotiation). Provided you do nothing to upset our wonderful Royal Mail (and Brian our local postie), we will deliver to you first class for free too.

Just click on:  and let Mr Hammond know  all credit cards are accepted via the security of Paypal (as we know you are struggling a little with debt, the deficit and moving can be just a tad expensive).

We’ll also include a breath of country air and a little sea breeze for your new residence (wherever it may be) with your order, fresh from our barn on the farm. 

Hope this helps.

Kind regards

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