ENJOY LIFE Sip By Sip Not Gulp by Gulp' Rustic Metal or Wood Sign


We are always so busy rushing that we forget to appreciate life.  This pretty, rustic sign reminds us to enjoy life's pleasures...slowly. Perfect for any kitchen or you can even select magnets to make a plain fridge door attractive.  Made of aluminium or heavier HDF wood, it has a glossy finish to enhance the vibrancy of the colours.  Should it get splashed with red wine, simply wipe clean.


Metal Aluminium Sign: Small 15x10cm / 6 x 4" or large 20x15cm / 8 x 6". Both sizes are 0.7mm thick with rounded corners.

HDF Wood Sign  15x10x0.5cm / 6 x 4" with square corners.

Lightweight with a choice of attachments.

This sign features graphics by Frezeart and SherHastingsDesign


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