Who Does Your Cat Love? June 04 2016

On #HugYourCatDay who does your cat love most? Put the name on a sign at: http://bit.ly/1IlGSF4  (Hint: the last person to fill the cat bowl so you may need to get more than one!)  

Personalised Cat Loves Me Best Sign at Honeymellow

If you need to get the upper hand, in your feline relationships, as well as personalising one of our double-sided signs so that you know if the cat has been fed or not, (in spite of what your fickle friend tells you), try reading ‘Cat Sense’.  It’s full of lots of interesting facts and information about why cats behave the way they do and what it all means.

For us the only really important thing is, does the cat have bright eyes, soft fur and long whiskers - if it does that it is probably both very healthy and happy.

And if you are yet to find the perfect cat, there is no better place to look than Battersea Cats Home - just keep it away from the renamed 'Bark Walk’ this Sunday which is a celebration for all dog lovers and their wagging pets.

Cuddle Cat Wood Sign Personalised at Honeymellow