Feeling Stressed? November 04 2015

One in four or us are stressed by 8am, but often it is the little things that cause us the most stress.   raises our awareness that we need to look after ourselves by trying to reduce the amount of stress in our life.  At Honeymellow, we aim to help.  Our Vital Signs range are designed to remove life's little irritations, such as a door left open, unwanted interruptions, cold callers, junk mail, missed deliveries.  Removing these minor stresses from your life has been proven to increase your life expectancy.  Almost as good as five fruit and veg a day!

As we come closer to Christmas and our stress levels rise, you can even create your own sign to explain, to the many different couriers, where to leave your parcels or simply just to knock on the door more loudly and wait. We can even add an arrow to make your instructions crystal clear.

The amount of low level stress we suffer can have a huge impact on us.  If you are struggling to remember things,  that is often a sign of stress.  Our 'Before You Go' signs make sure that a simple sign on your door helps you to remember to shut up the house properly before you leave thus avoiding worry over whether you left the oven on or not.  Stress can even shorten your life.  Our 'Gone Running, Cycling, Walking...' signs cater for a whole array of activities. These make it easy to leave the house to get some fresh, exercise and to fill your lungs and...breathe!.

Finally our 'Gone to Yoga' sign helps encourage relaxation and general fitness or failing that we've a range of 'Do Not Disturb' sleep signs to make sure that you are able to sleep soundly on any of the problems that are causing your blood pressure to rise.

Alternatively you could just look at pictures of cute kittens - apparently that works too.

For our many stress-relieving Vital Signs, see: http://www.honeymellow.com/collections/vital-signs-for-home-or-office or on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Honeymellows?section_id=13862380&ref=shopsection_leftnav_5