Are You a Dog or Cat Person? March 23 2016

If you're pondering on #NationalPuppyDay whether a dog or cat would be better for your home, a new study may be of interest to you.  Research by Vetplus. shows that dog owners are happier, more out-going and earn approximately £3000 more than cat owners.  They can even enhance your prosperity and love-life in that dog owners are more likely to have repaid their mortgage and be married.  

It could be that as dogs require more commitment - and much more if you get a puppy - as well as a daily walk (433 walks covering 548 miles per year makes meeting others very likely), that certain characteristics about your life will make you more likely to take on the extra responsibility.   The one down point was that dog owners were more likely to describe their job as more stressful so all is not rosey in the dog house.  

Whether you choose a dog or cat, they both need proper care.  The busier the household, the chances are the pet could get too much attention or too little. Some treats are as calorific as doughnuts and in the UK alone, 50% of dogs are obese, showing we are not reciprocating the value that pets bring to our lives.

At Honeymellow we've got a range of double-sided and single-sided signs in our 'Paws and Claws' personalised range in wood or metal  that let others know if your animals have been fed and if your dog has been walked. What both cats and dogs do have in common, is that they are masters of deception where food is concerned, so our signs are a much more reliable indicator than puppy dog eyes as to whether it is mealtime or not.  

What we do know at Honeymellow is that a happy, healthy pet, makes a richer, happier and more healthy household regardless of which animal you choose. Pets increase our life-expectancy so do the same for them.

So whether you are cat or dog, show that you care.  Personalise your animal sign at:
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