World Oceans Day: Stop Plastic Pollution June 08 2015

Today's World Oceans Day is focused on the theme of healthy oceans, healthy planet.  One of the main culprits polluting our oceans is plastic bottles.  We seem to think that drinking water from plastic bottles - that were probably filled and left in storage years ago -  is a healthy thing to do.  Apart from the fact that toxins leach into the water, a huge number of these bottles are ending up in and destroying our oceans. Anybody who travels widely knows the damage this is doing, hence there is a gradual 'sea-change' to metal flasks that filter ordinary water which can be used again, and again...and again. 

At Honeymellow, our barn on the farm is surrounded by sandy shores and a bracing sea breeze.  Hence the seaside inspires many of our designs.  We have metal signs for your beach-hut, to tell others you've gone to the beach as well as motivational plaques to keep your soul close to the sea even though geographically, you may be miles apart.

If that has not whet your craving for dipping your toes in the sea (minus all its plastic), we include a little sea breeze in our wrapping of every order!  For those who are keen to be green, we have also litter bin signs in the hope that those plastic bottles are destroyed and not destroying our planet for future generations.

For our 'Gone to the Beach' and other signs see: