World Teachers Day: Make Sure You Pass It On... October 05 2016

On World Teachers Day...

IF YOU’RE A STUDENT: How wonderful, if everyone who has been taught by an inspirational teacher wrote a thank-you note (or sign!) to show their appreciation. Teachers love pinning these above their desks to remind them, when their marking is piled high, that they’ve helped you make your way in the world. Don’t worry, we will check your spelling and punctuation before we send:

IF YOU ARE A TEACHER: If you manage to hit the sweet spot and get your students into the 'flow' (Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi), make sure they stay there by making sure there are no interruptions:

Lesson In Progress Hanging Sign from
BEEN INSPIRED? Have you been lucky enough to be taught by an amazing teacher? Remember to 'pass it on' (think Alan Bennett’s The History Boys) to a future generation. Volunteer at a school, teach a friend or a family member or train to become a teacher yourself.

WORK IN A SCHOOL, COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY? Fed up with saying the same thing over...and over...and over....again? Have a sign made with a message of your choice. Whether it’s ‘Homework here’, No eating or drinking in the classroom;, ‘Line-up and wait silently’, ‘Please put tables and chairs back at the end of the lesson’, ‘Year 10 Geography Field Trip’ or your name on your classroom door, we’ve colourful sign designs to save you repeating the same thing all the time:

Exam Signs Custom Made at