Wrap it up! How to Make Christmas Easy October 10 2015

With only 75 days left until Christmas,and people plundering already the Christmas gift and decoration section of department stores, it's clearly time to go shopping. However, when purchasing your carefully chosen presents, we are now revealing more about ourselves when we come to pay. 

The 5p charge introduced this week has led to a dearth of carrier bags on the high street. Generally either people are not using them or shops are no longer stocking them. But what category of the carrier bag quandary do you fit into? Are you super-green and well-prepared with your reusable bags ready at the check-out, showing your green credentials? 

Perhaps you are completely unaware of the change, taken by surprise or forgotten to go out bag-prepared. Resenting the charge or wanting to join the green crusade, you carry the goods in you arms dropping red, Rudolph socks and golden glittery balls down the high street? 

Or do you walk the moral tightrope and buy one nonetheless, having to admit to everyone your plastic habit will ruin the planet. Reluctantly, you are forced to call-over the staff member at the crowded self-checkout if you could have - what seems to be - the last bag in the entire store (rumours have it some sold out!?), whilst everyone tuts at the monstrous environmental damage you are now causing (although the money does go to charity). The shame of it! 

Alternatively, have you decided it is all so stressful and with it just being October too and the Rugby World Cup and Strictly to watch on the TV, you slip into your onesie, snuggle down with a cuppa and go on-line instead. Shopping until your fingers-drop, knowing that if you order from us, our signs come carefully wrapped in our dotty paper bags, with a breath of country air and a little sea breeze. 

We will even write a gift note with your text (no matter how long), so your personalised present can go straight to the recipient saving unnecessary delivery miles too. With so much time to spare, you can now start planning next summer holiday - just remember to pack a bag.