Make Time for Ten Facts About Tea April 21 2016

Today is not only the Queen's 90th birthday but appropriately National Tea Day. If there was one thing other than the Queen that typifies us Brits, it is our daily brew. Great in a time of crisis to preserve that stiff upper lip. So on this special day, here are ten UK facts for you to peruse over your tea-break:
1) 11 million gallons of tea are drunk daily.
2) We drink 166 million cups as a nation annually.
3) The over 50s drink an impressive 21 cups weekly.
4) Individually we drink the equivalent of two bath tubs of tea or 884 cups annually.
5) 40% of us miss a good English brew when travelling and half of us think that tea does not taste the same abroad.
6) 1 in 10 workers do not have enough time for a tea-break.
7) A third of workers make themselves a daily cuppa.
8) 40% of us say we feel better after a cup of tea.
9) Putting a warm cup of tea in someone's hands makes them more likely to co-operate with you.
10) Loneliness is bad for our health, increasing the chance of dementia and heart-attack. With more than half of people aged 75+ living alone, make the time for tea and a chat.
So let's all raise a cuppa of the national drink to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and maybe have a custard cream or two from the hostess trolley, in memory of the queen of tea, the comedian Victoria Wood.
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