Want a Handwritten Designed Sign? Avoid Comic Sans January 23 2017

On National Handwriting Day do you need a sign that looks handwritten? Most people ask for the font comic sans, but this is often loathed as much as a rainy day at the seaside. Your carefully crafted piece of text becoming marred as a result of an inappropriately chosen font.

Initially designed for speeches bubbles used in Microsoft's help software, comic sans has become over-used and used inappropriately. Serious documents have been written in comic sans even including ones put out by the Vatican! Technically too it has its deficiencies making it difficult to stretch the font to a space - otherwise known as kerning. Comic sans is quite self-centred, requiring the space to fit to it.

So what else can you use? There are many other more attractive, malleable and less clichéd fonts now available. Honeyscript is our particular favourite. We also love italic fonts, such as Snell Roundhand in the picture below. If you have others, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes when you order a sign from us.

Just remember to try to match your choice of font with the tone of your message. If it is not meant to be funny or frivolous then it's best to avoid a font with 'comic' in its title. As they say, the clue is in the name.

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