Why You Should Help Yourself to Breakfast February 23 2016

Breakfast is an important part of life in our barn on the farm. It is the time when check through the night's emails spread across far-flung places in the US and Australia as well as our European night owls or lark early risers, who want custom-made signs. It means that we can email back before people go to bed or work, with any queries so signs can be made and popped in the post each day.

Whether you love it or hate it, it is tempting to go without breakfast and press on with the day, however on #NationalToastDay, we thought we would give you a few crumbs of wisdom about why that is not a good idea - both for us and you.

1) Weight gain: you are more likely to eat bigger meals and are less likely to resist those high calorie snacks later on. Just make sure it is a healthy one, high in protein, such as eggs will keep you fuller longer.
2) Educational achievement: children who skip breakfast are more likely to be absent from school. Regular nutritional meals are essential for growth and brain development.
3) Improved concentration and problem-solving: if you are in a bit of a jam whether you are earning your daily bread at work or studying hard at school or college you'll be much better at using your loaf.
4) Time saving: A leisurely moment munching breakfast in the mornings will save you time later on in the day as you are likely to be much for efficient. Perfect if you're in danger of spreading yourself too thinly or in a bit of a jam.
5) Physical fitness: getting the right nutrients by eating a balanced breakfast is obviously going to improve your health, however it will even improve your hand-eye co-ordination. Perfect for those with practical jobs or sport enthusiasts. Playing tennis? Breakfast will help you slice and serve.

If you are the person responsible for making sure everyone is watered and fed before they leave in the morning, we've a sign for you if you're sandwiched between too many demands, just fancy a lie in or browned off with being at others beck and call. Our 'Help Yourself to Breakfast' sign can be hung, stuck or used as a fridge magnet to let others know that if they are planning on starting their day off well, they had better pop the toaster on.

See our Wine and Dine collection for our custom-made signs: http://www.honeymellow.com/collections/kitchen/products/help-yourself-to-breakfast-personalised-metal-kitchen-sign We are also on Etsy too: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Honeymellows?section_id=13769156&ref=shopsection_leftnav_3