Perfect Presents: Do You Have Yours Yet? November 26 2016

Don't you just hate it when you want to buy someone something special but you can't think what that perfect present should be? Have you got to find a secret santa gift which has to fall into a particular price range?  Above all, you need a gift that shows you have thought about the person, what their interests are, something that is meaningful to them and a present which is entirely unique - but what could that be?   

We think we have the answer at Honeymellow: our personalised signs. You don't even have to go anywhere near a rainy or crowded high street or  throbbing shopping centre - except to drink coffee!  We offer a range of designs and themed signs to suit different ages, personalities and purposes.  From tots to teens, green-fingered gardeners, sport fanatics and budding bake-off bakers, we have custom-made personalised signs to make the perfect present.  

Busy baking sign at www.honeymellow.comSimply select your sign and let us know the text you would like and we make, dispatch and post first class to your door usually within a day.  If this isn't easy enough for you, we can even post direct to the recipient and include your message in a gift note for no extra charge.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, providing something you cannot find on the high street and making sure you are happy with your purchase.  

If you think it is a little early to be present shopping, think again.  A paper from the Royal Statistical Society showed that Christmas is coming earlier every year: in late August people were already doing Google searches for festive gifts. In 2007 this did not start until 11 November or September in 2011.

Music room maple wood sign at So no need to grab your coat and head-out into the cold in blind panic, just click on the link below, sip your steaming cup of coco and wait for the perfect present to drop through your door.  Personalised for the one you love that you won't find on the high street.

Find us at  or Etsy at:  for delivery around the world and free UK postage and packing.  

Sunflower Sign: Add your own text at honeymellowGreen Wood Sign: Add own text at honeymellow.comGone Running Personalised Wood Sign at Honeymellow.comGone Cycling Personalised Wood Sign at