How to Train Your Cat August 08 2016

On International Cat Day, we’re reading the excellent John Bradshaw's 'The Trainable Cat'. As you can imagine there’s no easy magic wand to get our feline, furry friends to hop happily into their vet carrier (although a familiar blanket with their scent helps).  A rattle of a box of Whiskas has our usually lethargic cat leap into action like an Olympian so there is still hope. Although we were laughed at initially, we did train our farm cat from wonderful Battersea to come like a Pavlov dog at the sound of a bell - well only when she feels like it, of course!

Wood quote cat sign handmade at Honeymellow

Do you think cats have already beaten us to it with 'The Trainable Human'? We think so! Find our reversible personalised cat signs to train adults at: AND We also have ones already for the much more subservient dogs, rabbits, hedgehogs, chickens - and even sheep plaques coming soon too!

Finally if you do manage to get your petrified cat into its basket to take it to vet, make sure that you get the right animal back, with a bespoke sign from us.  See our 'Cat Name Signs' at with a choice of cat pictures or send us a photo to include instead with some likes and dislikes for your beloved cat. Easy!

Custom-made cat name sign at