What Does Spotify Know? May 15 2016

Our attempts at predicting the Eurovision winner yesterday failed worse than Jemini's performance in 2003, by using the most played tracks on Spotify (Sweden, France, Russia, Spain, Australia). Three of the top five were the same but the winner, Ukraine was ranked much lower. Its controversial lyrical content and associated publicity, regarding whether it broke Eurovision laws, was much more of a vote winner.  

All was not lost for the UK which did manage a creditable 24th in the end; however the most interesting point of all was that all except one country sang entirely or partly in English with the one exception being Austria who sang in French. 

The fluid movement of people means many country's songs would have had writers and producers from other parts of Europe. Perhaps that's how the Brits will ever get a winning song in the future. One thing is always certain: Eurovision always surprises. Struth! Who would have thought a decade ago that Australia could almost have been the Eurovision victor? See the winners on our personalised sings at: http://bit.ly/1C3enpA
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