How a Thick Day Can Make You Happy March 20 2017

Returned to work after the weekend and worn out already? Dare you hang-up our cute 'Do Not Disturb' sign above your desk for a quick power nap? and 

Catnap in progress sign at

Our long hours culture means we are working an extra eight weeks per year than we were in 1969 without any increase in comparable pay. Only 13% of us really engaged with our work with many, according to a Gallop Poll, not seeing much difference in satisfaction levels between going to work and having the flu!  

If you want to put new energy into your work life without resorting to the odd afternoon nap, see Tim Leberect's new book, 'The Business Romantic'.  Strategies he suggests include improving meetings by turning them into a walk; talk to someone you don't know at your workplace; create a morning ritual that is meaningful to you; play more: laugh; work from a different space or swap roles with someone, and our favourite being thick for a day: do one thing well, getting so absorbed you work in a state of 'flow', rather than spreading yourself thinly by multi-tasking. 

We spend on average 70% of our lives at work. If adding a bit of business romance to your life, be it thick or thin, means you enjoy your work much than a dose of the flu, it's surely worthwhile trying something new.  Just let us have a little nap first...zzzz...

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