Bee Happy! March 20 2016

Feeling glum on ?  Studies show that rather than trying to improve ourselves, just indulge in the things you love with people you like.  How often do we forget this in the bustle of our daily routines?  Our Heaven is.. range of signs, helps you to remember what makes you happy whether it is gardening, being by the sea or just making time for a cup of tea. See it at:

If you want to create your own sign as a reminder to do what you love, see our new Maple Wood range at: 

You can add your own text to one of our themed signs or we can custom-make one especially for you  - and even include your own picture. Or, even better, make one for a friend, including something you know that they love, whether it's bee-keeping or xylophone playing.  Research shows acts of generosity can improve the giver's happiness. How joyful is that?  

Heaven is a day spent in my garden sign metal plaque at