Personalised Princess's Palace Bedroom Door Sign


A sign to add a regal air to any child's room. Colourful and vibrant as well as the option to add a name.

Handmade in our barn on the farm in either wood or metal.

The metal sign has a brushed silver back, rounded corners

The thicker and heavier wood sign is made of dark brown HDF with a glossy front showing the colourful design and square corners.

DIMENSIONS: 15cm x 5cm x 0.5mm / 6" x 2" OR 20 x7.5cm or 8" x 3" OR 15x10cm / 6"x4".

The text reads: 'Princess Name's Palace. Please Curtsey When Entering'. Simply tell us the name you would like in the box above before adding it to your shopping cart.

There are two ways the sign can be attached to the door: by sticky pads or a hanging ribbon. 

Other themed signs are available in this collection.

This product includes graphics by Pinkpixelgraphics and Mybabygiggles.

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