Personalised Football Bedroom Door Sign: Small or Large Sizes


At Honeymellow, we have designed and made a new range of vibrant signs in our barn on the farm. We think these will make a fun unique gift for children or young teenagers who want to add some character to their own room. 

The sign says:

Footballer's Changing Room: Fans welcome at half-time.

or if you the name of the child in the blank box above, we can personalise it for you.  It will then say:

Footballer NAME'S Changing Room: Fans welcome at half-time.

Size: Small = 15cm x 5cm x 0.5mm (6"x2") or large =  20cm x 7.5cm s 0.5mm (8x3")

Made of light aluminium, the choice of sticky pads, a hanging ribbon or a magnet, on the reverse will enable easy attachment to a door.  


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