No Smoking / Vaping Metal Wall Signs for Pub Office Shop Cafe Hotel + Own Text


We believe instructional signs do not have to be ugly. We have therefore created an attractive range of signs which include our popular 'No Smoking or Vaping' plaque.

Our signs are made of light aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities. The brushed silver, gold or white gives a glossy finish, making it both a beautiful and functional accessory. Simply attach to your door or wall with the enclosed weather-proof sticky pads or for a flush finish, use a small amount of strong glue. No nails needed.

Dimensions: Large Sign: 20 x 15cm / 8 x 6" or small sign: 15 x 10cm / 6 x 4" in either brushed silver, brushed gold or white. The signs are 0.5mm thick with ROUNDED corners.

The choice of wording from the drop-down menus
1) Thank you for not smoking
2) No smoking
3) This is a no smoking area
4) No smoking or vaping
5) Add own text

OWN TEXT OPTION: If you would like the text to say something different from the options we have provided, please select the 'Add Own Text' option from the drop-down menu. Let us know the wording you want in the box above.  We will put this below the 'no smoking' symbol instead of our own text.

For the full range of signs, please see the 'Vital Signs' collection. 

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