My Strawberry Patch Sign Plus Personalised Option


Leave a personalised sign to show-off your strawberries. Made of light aluminium, the faded rose cottage chic design, has a glossy finish and can be attached using sticky pads, a hanging cord or magnet.

A perfect present for fruit-growing fanatics.

There are two designs:

1) Landscape15cm x 5cm x 0.5mm / 6" x 2" (first picture)

2) Portrait 15x10cm x 0.5mm / 6" x 4" (second picture)

PERSONALISATION: If you want a name included on your sign eg 'Sam's Strawberry Patch', select the personalised option and put the name you want in the box above before adding it to your cart.

This sign includes graphics by KatarinArt & MyBabyGiggles


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