I'LL OWL-WAYS LOVE YOU Door or Fridge Sign


A cute, owl themed sign to remind you that love lasts forever. This fun design will enhance any home decor.

You have a choice between a metal sign or wooden sign. The metal sign has a brushed silver back with a choice of a hanging ribbon, sticky pads or a magnet attachment. Our metal plaques are made of light aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities whilst giving a glossy finish.  Alternatively, our thicker, heavier wooden signs are thick enough to stand on their own or can even be used flat as a coaster, if you choose the 'no attachment' option. They are made of HDF with a glossy surface.

Metal - 15 x 10cm x 0.5mm (6" x 4") or 20 x15cm or 8"x6" with rounded corners.  

Wood - 15 x 10cm x 0.5cm (6" x 4") or 20 x15cm or 8"x6" with square corners.  

This sign features graphics by Cherie's Arts & Urban Willow

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