Gone Shopping Hanging Sign Plus Free Personalisation


Leave a colourful message with one of these hanging plaques. Made of light aluminium or HDF wood, it is a fun way to leave a message to the rest of your household.  

A perfect present for people who enjoy some retail therapy.  

You have the choice of either a metal or wood signs: 
The light thin metal sign has a brushed silver back, rounded corners. It is 0.5mm thick
The thicker and heavier, square cornered wood sign is made of dark brown HDF with a glossy front showing the colourful design. It is 0.5cm thick. 

Dimensions 10cm x 10cm x 0.5mm / 4" x 4" in metal only, or 15cm x 15cm in wood or metal.

If you want the plaque personalised for free eg Sam's Gone Shopping, just put the name you want in the box above before adding it to your cart..

If you would like to leave a sign for a different activity, look at the rest of the collection. 

This product includes graphics by Pinkpixelgraphics.

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