Mini Vital Signs in Silver or Gold: No Cold Callers, Junk Mail, Ring Bell, Knock + Own Text Option


Our 'Vital Signs' range is designed to make life run more smoothly.  Our mini signs in this range are perfect to stop those little irritations in life. 

The sign is made of light aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities.  The brushed silver or gold gives a glossy finish, making it both an attractive and functional accessory.  Simply attach to your door, wall or letterbox with the enclosed weather-proof sticky pads or for a flush finish, use a small amount of strong glue.  No nails needed. 

Dimensions: Mini Sign 13 x 3.5cm (5.1" x 1.4" x 0.2" approximately).  For the larger sizes, please see the rest of the 'Vital Signs' collection. 

Other signs in the range include:  Please remove your shoes.  Please ring the bell.  Please close the door.   Please knock on the back door.  Please use the other door  and lots more...

If none of these fit exactly your needs, select the personalised option on this listing and put the text you would like in the box above or see our 'Write Your Own' collection.

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