Square CCTV Personalised Silver, Gold or White Metal Surveillance Signs


Our square litter sign reminds people to use the bin.  There is the option to add your address, business name, contact details to the sign at the top or/and the bottom.  Fill in any wording you want in the personalised box above.

The signs made of light aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities.  The brushed silver or gold and white gives a glossy finish, making it both a beautiful and functional accessory.  Simply attach with the enclosed weather-proof sticky pads or for a flush finish, use a small amount of strong glue.  No nails needed. 


15cm / 6" square brushed silver, brushed gold or white.  There is an option of attachments including permanent sticky pads, two screw holes midway on either side and no attachment if you want to use strong glue.

Signs are approximately 0.7mm thick.

Please see the rest of the 'Vital Signs' collection including other later and recycling signs.  

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