CERAMIC TILES: Square Personalised Tile: Add Your Own Text and Photo


Looking for the perfect present, to create a souvenir of a special event or to promote your business.  We can design a ceramic tile especially for you with your text and logo, photo or picture.  Text can be put anywhere on the tile, either on the photo or its coloured background.  

Each tile is custom-made to order.  We can include as much or as little text as you would like: a motto, inspiring quotation or the date and place where the picture was taken.


We include with your tile, clear rubber feet to attach to each corner and a picture hook adhesive.  This gives you the option to:

a) Place your tile on a table or kitchen surface for hot pans, candles, wine bottles, fruit bowls etc. (use the clear rubber feet for this), b) hang it from a wall from the picture hook or c) embed the tile with others when tiling a bathroom by keeping the bottom of the tile bare. 

To create your tile: 

1)  Email us at honeymellows@yahoo.co.uk with your text, picture, photograph or drawing as well as letting us know the background design you would like (A-L in the pictures).  Alternatively, you can make a purchase immediately and upload your file on the prompt above. We can include just text or just a picture if you want.  Please note:  

a) Please make sure any image has as high a resolution as possible (ideally 300 pixels/inch and a PNG or JPEG file).  You can send a picture of the whole design.
b) Try to request a font from the list in the picture.  If you want a different font, please give us a second option from the list in case we are unable to do it.
c) If you want a picture only, it needs to be square.  There will be a margin showing the selected coloured background around the photo. If your picture is not square, we suggest you include some text too which we can put underneath to make the overall design square.

2) We will confirm whether we can do it and email a design to you.  This will usually be within one day.  Designs take a long time to do so please give us all the information you want included in the first email.  We can make slight amendments to get the design right for you.

3) If you are happy with the design, please order by:

a) Putting the text you would like in the box above. 
b) Putting the name of the typeface in the font box.
c) Paying via Paypal (which accepts most major credit cards even if you do not have a Paypal account.  There is no need to upload your picture if we have it already.

We will then make and post your tile to you.

Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm / 6" x 6". Weight  The tile has a smooth glossy surface with a bevelled edge.

We can usually make and post within two days.


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