Cat has had breakfast /Dinner Reversible Rustic Personalised Sign


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Make sure your cat does not go hungry with this double-sided plaque.  It is a useful way of making sure your pets are fed, but not over-fed.    Use as a note for yourself or as a reminder for others.    

Each plaque comes with a ribbon attached through holes in the top corners so that it can easily be hooked somewhere prominent.  It is made of aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities.  The metal plaque has a glossy finish, making your sign both an attractive and functional accessory.  We have a variety of animals to choose from in this range with more being constantly added as a result of customer requests.

Please enter the wording you want on BOTH sides of your sign in the personalisation box above. e.g. Kitty has had breakfast. Kitty has had dinner. Easy!

Your cat(s) will thank you it.

Dimensions: 15cm x 5cm x 0.14cm / 6" x 2" OR 20cm x 7.5cm x 0.14cm /8"x3"

A version of this sign in silver is also available in our shop.

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