Add Text to Wood Effect Metal Signs: Pine, Oak & Distressed Designs


Our wood effect blank signs have a choice of wood patterns on an aluminium plaque with a brushed silver back.  The signs are made of metal, not wood which means they easily wipe clean, do not peel, crack or rot. Simply to keep the colour in your sign at its best, try to avoid placing it in direct sun for long periods.  They are perfect for a variety of uses and can create a unique addition to complement any interior design.  


They are ideal for room plaques (e.g. bathrooms, loo, bedrooms), names for pet homes, messages (please knock), your favourite quotations, tweets, memorable dates or use as a fridge magnet with an important note.


Our wood effect range comes in the following choices:

 - Pink writing on a distressed pale wood design; (Hobo std font)

 - Pine Effect (Imprint font)

 - Panel Effect (Stencil capitals font)

 - Snow Oak (Imprint font)

 - Grey shabby chic design with a slight grey distressed effect & grey garland (Hobo font)

 - Rustic Oak (Georgia font)

They are available in both large and small sizes.  

15 x 5cm / 6" x 2"
20 x 5cm / 8" x 2"
 20 x 7.5cm / 8 x 3"
All signs are approximately 0.5mm thick.



Select your font from the ones shown in the picture or some of the most popular font choices are:

Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Verdana

If you do not specify the font it will be done in the font shown in the picture and stated next to the wood effect design above.  If you are keen to have a particular font, email us and we will let you know if we can do it or recommend the closest match.

The small size will fit two lines of text and the large sign can fit three lines.  The size of the font in the pictures is 45pts.  If you want to include more text, the font will be reduced in size.



Write your choice of wording in the blank boxes on this page before adding the product to your shopping cart.  If you want more than one sign with different text, font or attachments, add them individually, otherwise all the signs will be done the same.

a) Wording: Remember to include punctuation and capitals where appropriate.  If you want a particular layout, do not press enter; instead signal a new line using a / between the words, with a maximum of four lines; otherwise we will do the layout which we think best suits the text and size of the sign.

b) Font: Choose from the photograph of fonts.  If you omit this information we will use the font specified above for your particular sign. Contact us if you want a font that is not listed.

c) Attachment:  Let us know if you would like sticky pads, magnets, a hanging ribbon from two holes in your sign, screw holes or no attachment.

If we are missing your text, we will contact you.  We can send a picture of your sign for approval if you request it in the 'Special Instructions' box when checking-out.

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