Add Your Own Text Blank Rustic Wood Effect Coloured Metal Signs: Various Sizes


These signs can be used for any message that you need to have displayed.  This can include anything from instructions for the postal deliveries, naming rooms such as offices, bathrooms and bedrooms; places for pets, messages to a loved one or a polite request for guests. 

The signs come in various sizes and with fitting options:  Small 15x5cm / 6"x2"     Medium 20x5cm / 8"x2"     Large 20x7.5cm / 8"x3"       Oblong 15x10cm / 6"x4"         Square 9cm / 3.5" (white and brushed silver only)   Square 10cm/4"      Square 15cm / 6"  Mini Oblong 13 x 3.5cm / 5x1.5"     Business Card 8.4x5.4cm/3.3x2.1     Label  3.5x8.5cm 1.3x3.3"

All signs are approximately 0.5mm thick and have rounded corners.  To keep the colour in your sign at its best, try to avoid placing it in direct sun for long periods.

There is a choice of attachments: permanent all-weather sticky pads (press hard for 30 seconds each side to apply), a hanging ribbon, two holes midway either side, magnet or no attachment needed.  If you would like a different attachment to the one listed, please tell us this at the same time you let us know the text you would like added.

A selection of fonts you can choose is shown in the pictures.  Some of the most popular font choices are: Arial, Georgia, Impact,  Times New Roman and Verdana.  

The font will be used shown in the picture of the different sizes, unless you specify a different one from the photograph of typefaces in this listing.

Fill in the boxes above with your text and choice of font.  If ordering multiple signs, complete the text for each sign and then add it to your basket and repeat.  Please show any line breaks you want with a / between the words.

We can fit however much text you would like although the more text the smaller we will have to make it.

If we are missing your text, we will contact you.  We can send a picture of your sign for approval if you request it in the 'Special Instructions' box when checking-out. If you have a particular customer request eg use of colour, picture, please contact us before ordering.

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