Silver or Gold Elegant Metal Vital Signs: No Cold Callers No Junk Mail


If you want to stop the junk mail or cold callers but want to a sign that is a little different, our 'No Junk Mail' and 'No Cold Callers' signs will create an attractive notice.  

The signs are made of light aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities.  The brushed silver or gold gives a glossy finish, making it both a beautiful and functional accessory.  Simply attach to your door or letterbox with the enclosed weather-proof sticky pads or for a flush finish, use a small amount of strong glue.  No nails needed. 

Dimensions:  Large Sign: 20 x 5cm in either brushed silver or brushed gold.

For the smaller sizes and gold signs, please see the rest of the 'Vital Signs' collection. 



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