Vital Signs for a Happier Life September 12 2013

We have just expanded our range of 'Vital Signs'.  These are attractive signs designed to take small stresses out of everyday life.  According to the latest research, this is essential for the long-term well-being of your mental health.
A study led by Professor Susan Charles at the University of California, found that daily stressors, rather than making us stronger, actually contribute to anxiety, stress and mood disorders.  Furthermore, many of these disorders were found to have an impact ten years later.  
Time to look at our daily lives and get rid of those minor irritations.  Many are easily resolvable: leave a sign for your postman to 'ring the bell', request politely with a silver plaque, 'no more junk mail' and let people know to 'please close the door' or 'gate'.  If we've missed any or your daily irritations, request a custom-made sign with your own wording.  Hopefully, we will then, be happier and calmer for many years to come.