How to Order a Custom-Made Sign July 28 2013

Why Have a Sign Custom-Made?

One of our most popular products at Honeymellow is the custom-made sign.  We want to replace mass-produced with mass-personalised and so do our customers.  We have all wasted time looking for the elusive product that fits our needs, not finding it or worse still, making do with something that is not quite right.  

We also all want signs for different purposes: unique delivery instructions about where to leave parcels, a  dated plaque to celebrate an anniversary or someone's name for an office or child's room.  A simple sign with the right information can make all the difference.  

We also want you to surround yourself with things you love.  Honeymellow make it very easy to get rid of crumpled, torn paper signs that get wind blown or smudged with rain for something much more attractive and longer lasting.  

If you are a Twitter user, see our 'Make Britain Beautiful' tweets #MakeBritainBeautiful to encourage people to smarten-up their signs and make them easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.  


Why Choose Honeymellow to Make your Sign?

We started making our own signs as a result of trying to order signs for the farm online which were a) time-consuming to order requiring lots of instructions to go through b) limited in the number of words we could use so our signs could not actually say what we wanted. c) lots of terms and conditions that did not allow any corrections of mistakes or checking by the sign makers d) very expensive - where the cost was not revealed until the very end, when a huge amount of time had been spent on the website.  

As a small business, Honeymellow are able to take the time with your order to make sure it is what you want - and often better than expected at a lot less cost - an awful lot less.  We are also very quick.  Most UK customers get their signs the very next day and international buyers via airmail within a week as we try to post the same day.  It is also very easy for you to let us know what you want in two simple stages:  

1) Select the sign size, shape and colour you want from our product list in the 'Personalised Signs' collection.  

2) Before adding your sign to your shopping cart fill in the blank boxes on the product's page.  Write in the text you want, your choice of font and whether you want it hanging, with holes for screws, magnets or sticky pads.  We then do the rest for you. Should you forget to do this, or realise you have made a mistake afterwards, just contact us by clicking on the 'contact us' button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen or email  We will also email you if we think something is missing.

There is no complex computer programme to wade through we like to keep things quick and easy.


  • We can send you a picture of your sign and you can make any changes you want.  Request this in the 'Special Instructions' box just before your check-out. 
  • We do not insist that once you have given us your instructions, there is no opportunity for change.  We want you to be happy with your purchase.  
  • If you are not sure about your grammar, or English is not your first language, we can help you with that.  We love guiding customers with the use of the impossible apostrophe!
  • We also realise that most of our customers buy at evenings and weekends when most retailers are shut.  Hence, do not be surprised if you get a response from us out of normal business hours or you are contact us from a different time zone.

Will it Cost a Lot of Money?

We are extremely affordable.  Most of our signs, are made in our barn on the farm at Honeymellow and we source products from the UK.  Getting a custom-made sign is usually extremely expensive with very little choice about how it would look.  We try to keep the price of most of our signs under £10 which is often less than a lot of mass-produced ones.  


Will a Low Cost Mean Lack of Choice?

If the fonts we list are not the ones you want, let us know what you would like and we will do our best to do it for you or recommend one that has a close resemblance.  

If you have a particular request eg a foreign language or logo, contact us first before buying with the relevant information.  If we can do it, we will send you a sample picture of your sign for free. Sometimes we will also send you more than one picture to give you alternative options about how the design can work. You can then decide if you want to pay to order it.  We want you to have a sign with which you are entirely happy.


Will the Sign Peel and Crack?

Our signs are made of light aluminium.  This means that they do not rust and can be used anywhere.  

Holes can be put in the signs but they are also light enough to be put-up with magnets, hanging ribbon or cord, glue and sticky pads.  The pads we provide are out-door weatherproof, double-sided and designed to hold something far heavier.  

Your sign is designed on the computer, printed with special inks that turns into gas when heat-pressed onto your sign.  This process means the design becomes part of the actual sign.  There is no sticky lettering or plastic surface.  You will receive a completely smooth, glossy sign.  For outside signs we can use a UV protector to keep the colours vibrant but like any coloured object, avoiding direct sunlight will keep your sign looking like new.


Will It Take a Long Time to Deliver?

Almost all of the time, our signs are made the day you order and are often received the next day or day after if you live in the UK.  European deliveries by airmail usually take five working days: further afield such as the United States and Australia takes roughly seven working days to deliver.  The speed of our deliveries is one of the key areas that our customers praise.


What Can I Use a Custom-Made Sign For?

Customers have ordered an array of signs for different purposes.  These include: signs for visitors to your house, a thank-you to a friend, a plaque for a wine box or photograph album, a name for a child's swing, pet or vegetable patch; a business name or plaques for offices, instructions for deliveries or a unique anniversary present.  Whatever you want, we will try our utmost to do for you.  If you cannot see what you want, email us and we will tell you what we can do.  If in the rare event we cannot accommodate your wishes, we are happy to recommend other companies who might be able to help you.


So... if you want quick, affordable, custom-made signs, all you have to do is let us know what you want and we do the rest.  All you have to do is get rid of those old crumpled, smudged signs to make way for something much more shiny.