Mother Said... Wise Words for Mothers March 12 2015

It's no surprise that it is Mother's Day on the week that  seems to be a never-ending trend on Twitter.  Our Vital Signs range is full of signs that are designed to remove the necessity for our mothers -  the masters of all worldly advice -  to avoid repeating themselves...over and over again.  With instructions covering our fingers down to our toes, from: 'Wash Your Hands' to 'Wipe Your Feet'. But do we ever take notice?  Of course we do.  

Take a peak at our Pinterest board called, 'Mother Said' which is full of the many things we have learnt from other mothers' wise words, at:  
Our favourite has to be that, 'Sooner or later, we all quote our mothers.'  If it hasn't happened to you yet... just give it time.

As Mother's Day is approaching, you may want to create something unique to say a heartfelt thanks for all the advice and guidance.  Some of the many requests we receive include, do not disturb signs, plaques for summerhouses, studies and even sewing rooms, whilst for the more creative amongst us, there is the occasional heartfelt poem.  

If you fancy trying the latter yourself but lack inspiration, try looking at the wonderful website Poemhunter 
Here you will find poets from Robert Burns to Christina Rossetti penning their thoughts on motherhood.  We have even written a blog on how to create your own poetry plaque at to give you a little bit of advice -  although in a little more than just four words.

Once you have crafted your masterpiece, select one of our pretty designs for your poetry plaque and we will do the rest for you right up to delivery to your door.