Has the Bubble Burst for the Bath? February 09 2015

On READ IN THE BATH TUB DAY, it seems we have fallen out of love with our baths with only 10% of homeowners preferring a bath to a shower. If you're a man you are twice as likely to prefer a shower and on the rare occasion you do take a bath, it may just be for a quick five minute dip.  

It has also had a poor press as far as water conservation is concerned with the average bath using 80 litres of water which is more than the 62 litres of a low pressure shower but a lot less than a long power shower which could use almost twice as much.  Lazing amongst the bubbles can also be a dangerous place to be with approximately one person drowning in the bath each day and on average 20 people dying from scolding every year.

The bubble hasn't yet completely burst for the bath tub with many people still enjoying the opportunity to watch TV, listen to music and read a book, tablet or Kindle - steamy or not!  Board games have even been played in the bath with the longest game of Monopoly taking a skin-wrinkling 99 hours! If you want to bath in the style of Marilyn Monroe then fill the bath with champagne, although it may take a rather expensive 350 bottles of bubbly to do so.

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