How to Survive Freshers Week September 23 2014

A new course, a new place and the opportunity to make as many friends possible.  Freshers Week is a wonderful time for students just embarking on their degree - and it can also be the worse.  The chance to experience what university life has to offer can lead to a fun-filled, busy week but for those who drink too much it can also leave you exhausted, embarrassed and with very empty pockets.  Meet-ups, new activities and clubs often start or end-up in the Student Union bar where drink is often considerably cheaper than on the high street. This is the time that first and lasting impressions can be made so here are some tips to make sure you are the best you can be and not the dullest drunk in the room:

  1. Preparation! Make sure you know your address, have it written down and how you will get back home - safely.  Set an alarm for your phone for the last train, have the number for a reliable taxi firm or pair-up with someone else so you are not travelling alone.
  2. Start the evening with some mocktails.  A fun way of getting fluids to keep you hydrated. and a chance to impress if you make them for your fellow housemates.
  3. Try to eat as soon as possible to absorb the alcohol and pace the drinking.
  4. Take the lead by making sure there are always snacks and water on the table.
  5. Always know where your drink is and what is in it to avoid anybody spiking it.
  6. Know when you have had enough.  Driving the white lorry is a night both you, your  new friends and Facebook will remember for a very long time.

There are lots of other useful tips on websites such as and more general advice about Freshers Week at: as well as a guide to different drinks so you can tackle a pub or bar with confidence.

And if you are feeling a little fragile the next day?  Give yourself some quiet time to get back on form quickly  to enjoy the rest of the week. This is not an easy thing to do if you are in halls or a shared house where others can easily seek out your company.  Hence we’ve designed some personalised signs requesting a little ‘me time’; whether it is just to catch-up on some sleep, to recover from a hang-over or once lectures start - to get your assignments done before the deadline. Our signs are light enough to hang on a pin from your door with the option to add your name to the wording or even choose your own text. Perfect until the fun you is ready to emerge from your room once more.  See: