The Dog Has Definitely Been Fed August 17 2014

It seems the UK  is way ahead of other countries... in over-feeding our dogs.  A howling 50% of man's best friends are overweight - up from 35% four years ago.  In hard numbers that is the equivalent of four million heavily panting dogs who are lugging about unnecessary pounds instead of bounding about.  

Tough love starts with making sure that food is weighed out according to the vet's or dog food manufacturer's instructions (shown usually on the back of the packaging). Get a set of scales rather than guess.  Avoiding too many treats and obviously plenty of daily exercise is good for both physical and mental well-being of your beloved friend and probably you too.  What may be good for us is often not good for your dog - unbelievably something as delicious as chocolate will actually poison them.

Communication is also key in a household.  Our dogs are masters of the art of making us believe that no one has fed them all day.  Our double-sided signs lets everyone know if your dog has been fed regardless of how sad-eyed he/she looks.  We can also personalise them for Fido, Snoopy or whatever your soon to be lean and healthy dog is called.  A perfect present: your dog will thank you for it - well maybe.  If you don't have an overweight dog but a rather chunky cat or big-bellied bunny, we have signs for them too!

See our Honeymellow website at and on Etsy too:  We usually make and dispatch to all countries the same day and UK postage and packing is even free.