You are never too old or young to go & be sporty. July 02 2014

Nadal defeated by a wild card teenager.  A 94 year old wins the Professionals Day competition at Coventry Golf Club.  It seems you are never too old or too young to be a winner at sport.  

Alas watching too much of it on TV is not so good for you regardless of age, with watching more than three hours TV a day doubling your chances of premature death compared to those who watch just one hour or less. 

So whatever your age, get active. Don't worry if you are worried that you may miss family and friends trying to find you when you are out.  Simply leave one of our many sporting signs from our 'Fit & Fun' collection showing where you have gone to.  Like your TV, they will still be there, when you get back.

If you too want to be a 94 year old champion, see: or