It's Never Too Late February 18 2014

Have you spent the weekend in the dog house because you forgot to do something special for Valentine's Day? Don't worry, it is never too late to tell someone you love them. It does not need to be a grand gesture either. According to the latest report from OnePlusOne, it is the small things that matter: remembering to say 'hello' when they walk in the room and 'thank-you' when they have made you a drink. 

Sometimes we forget to be grateful for the everyday gestures of goodwill from others. Remember, love is not just for Valentine's Day but for...always.

To help jog memories, we have a new range of sign designs in our 'Lots of Love' range. Simply send one to someone you love or personalise a bespoke sign with your own unique, heartfelt message. If this does not melt the frosty atmosphere caused by a forgotten card or bunch of flowers, we also have a series of cute pet signs, to put on your very own dog house!