Love, Money & Statistics February 16 2014

As cupid polishes-up his bow and arrow at this time of year, we thought we would take a little of the romance out of Valentine's by giving you some very unemotional statistics on love. According to a Mintel survey 7% of us have never ever fallen in love although your chances of doing so and living happily ever after increases if you earn over £50,000. Money clearly does buy happiness. Even your location can determine your chances of romance with London apparently being the most romantic region in the country and the North West, alas the least.

Sadly, a horrifying 53% of relationships ended when a partner did nothing for Valentine's day. If this sounds a little high, the 14% of women who bought themselves flowers on Valentine's is hopefully too low a number. What could be a better way of self-gifting? 

If you are wondering why everyone is writing or talking about romance at the moment, then you are the 10% who forget about Valentine's Day. Cupid appears to have aimed and missed catastrophically.