Dog has been fed / Not Fed Double-Sided Silver Sign


The double-sided plaques is a useful way of making sure your dog gets fed once but not twice. Use as a note for yourself or as a reminder for others. The plaque comes with a silver ribbon attached through holes in the top corners so that it can easily be hooked somewhere prominent and reversed when required. It is made of aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities. The design is heat-pressed onto the brushed silver sign which gives it a glossy finish, to make it both an attractive and functional accessory.  

If you want your plaque to say the name of your dog or change the text entirely, select the personalised option and tell us the name/text you want included in the box above (click on the corner of the box to enlarge); otherwise the sign will read 'The dog(s) has (have) been fed / The dog(s) has (have) not been fed, depending on whether you selected the single or plural option from the drop-down list. Easy!

Your dog will thank you it.  

The sign options are from the drop-down menu:
1) PERSONALISED TEXT - for example: NAME has been fed / NAME has not been fed OR NAME has had breakfast / NAME has had dinner.
2) DOG FED (NO NAME) The sign will read: The dog has been fed / The dog has not been fed.
3) DOGS FED (NO NAME - PLURAL) The sign will read: The dogs have been fed / The dogs have not been fed.

Dimensions 15cm x 5cm x 0.1cm / 6" x 2"  

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