Room Door Signs in Brushed Silver, Gold or White Metal + Own Text Option


Complete this box ONLY if you have selected the 'Own Text Option' from the drop-down menu below.

We have a wide range of room signs in brushed silver, brushed gold and white.  Simply select the room name from the drop-down list above and the coloured metal finish you want. Signs have all-weather, permanent adhesive pads to keep them firmly in place.

The signs are made of light aluminium which is known for its rust-free qualities.  The metal has a glossy finish, making each sign both a beautiful and functional accessory.  

Dimensions:  20 x 5cm x 0.7mm / 8"x 2"


If you cannot find all the names of the rooms you want from the drop-down list, select the OWN TEXT OPTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST and write what you would like in the box above and we will do the rest.  This costs slightly more because it is a bespoke sign made especially for you.

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