Baby Sleeping/Awake Hanging Personalised Plaque in Pink or Blue


A cute and useful, pink or blue double-sided hanging, 'Baby Sleeping'  & 'Baby Wide Awake' door sign with the option to have it personalised with the baby's name.

These pretty signs will prove useful to parents who do not want their baby's sleep disturbed.

Hook to any door with its ribbon, these pink or blue signs, will make sure there are no rude awakenings from the land of nod.

A great present for any new parent.

Alas the sheep, modelling the items in the photos is not included - though we do have some delightful Shaun the Sheep oven gloves in our shop.

If you choose the personalised version of the sign, please add the name in the designated box above. 

Size: 15cm x 5cm x 1mm / 6" x 2"


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